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Since 1986.  

Metroproof was founded in 1986 on a very simple business formula: Treat people with honesty, fairness and respect, and be the best at what you do. At a time when most temporary employment agencies in New York City were large, impersonal and pretty user-unfriendly, our professional goals were, in effect, visionary. In the decades since, the trend toward less personal and less responsive customer service has only accelerated and served to accentuate Metroproof's highly personal service.

Over the past 26 years, Metroproof has developed an excellent reputation in the editorial services industry, and we enjoy the support and patronage of hundreds of managers and supervisors in New York City and beyond. Our clients say that we have assembled an intelligent, reliable and caring office staff and one of the most professional temporary and permanent staffing pools in New York.

On the employee side, we work diligently to provide our temporary employees with precisely the type of employment service they need. We believe that happy employees are not only important to us, but are also important to our clients.  Metroproof's dedication to providing its clients and employees with the most reliable, friendly and nonintrusive personnel service available is as strong today as it was in 1986.

Personal, Friendly, Reliable Staff.

Metroproof's 24/7/365 dispatching staff is loved and trusted by temporary employees and clients alike. No two firms' policies, procedures or corporate cultures are alike, and all of our dispatchers work hard to develop an in-depth and personal understanding of each client's particular needs. The right combination of intuition, careful listening and proper communication ensures that we know what you want and don't want each time you contact our office.